Site announcements


by Dr Prisca Choge -

Hi. Online lessons have been going on. However, most  students are not attending these lessons. We urge the trainers to encourage their students to attend the classes. Good day.

Problems login In

by Elearning Master -

We have noted with concern that most requests for assistance emanates from improper login credentials. Please be adviced that in your login details, the R must be in capital and the character following it is a ZERO not a letter O, or its lowercase equivalent o

Access to Courses

by Elearning Master -

Access to most courses is restricted to authenticated trainees of Kipkabus TVC. Any student lacking credentials needed to access the platform should inform the trainer and Elearning coordinators through  0724226334(Mr. Kimutai) or 0721608144(Mr Sirma) or 0705200707( Mr Ngeno) or 0703414763(Ms Keter). (Whats app text preferred)