This Diploma Course has been developed to cater for specialization in ICT. The course encourages the learner to be versed with the current trends in ICT and it equips the learner with Knowledge, skills and attitudes to perform system operations, system analysis, design and development besides performing network system and support duties. The course has three modules and has the structure shown below:

Course Structure 

Module 1 

  1. Introduction to ICT & ethics 
  2. Computer applications I (Theory & Practical) 
  3. Structured Programming 
  4. Communications Skills 
  5. Operating System 
  6. Computational Mathematics 
  7. Entrepreneurship (Business Plan) 

Module 2 

  1. Systems Analysis & Design 
  2. Computer Application II (Theory & Practical) 
  3. Object Oriented Programme 
  4. Quantitative Methods 
  5. Visual Programming 
  6. Database Management Systems 

Module 3 

  1. Data Communication & Networking
  2. Management Information System 
  3. Principles & Practice of Management 
  4. Internet Based Programming 
  5. Course Specialization Project